Former FAI CEO John Delaney accused of behaving ‘disgracefully’ by not answering TDs’ questions


Former FAI CEO John Delaney accused of behaving ‘disgracefully’ by not answering TDs’ questions

John Delaney. Photo: Sportsfile
John Delaney. Photo: Sportsfile

FORMER Football Association of Ireland (FAI) boss John Delaney has been accused of behaving “disgracefully” by not to answering TDs’ questions.

The claim was made by Sinn Féin TD Imelda Munster who asked him if he had considered resigning amid the controversy over a €100,000 loan he gave the FAI in 2017.

Mr Delaney simply replied that he had read his statement to the committee earlier.

In his statement to the Oireachtas Sport Committee this morning he said he would not answer questions on the €100,000 loan, the FAI’s finances, or his former job as chief executive due to legal advice.

He said he would answer questions on his current role of executive vice president.

Ms Munster asked FAI president Donal Conway if Mr Delaney had offered his resignation.

Mr Conway said: “No… I was never offered any resignation.”

She asked Mr Delaney directly if he had ever considered his position.

He replied: “I’ve read my statement already”.

Ms Munster said: “You’re not answering but that’s your answer… I would have thought it would have been a yes or no answer.”

She said: “I think the former ceo has behaved disgracefully today… He came in with a last minute statement…


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“He’s furnished us with the statement while refusing to answer any questions in relation to the statement”.

She said: “It’s an absolute disgrace and it’s been farcical what’s going on here.

“The only good thing is that the public out there have witnessed it first hand too.

“And I would have thought anybody would have been glad to be handed  the opportunity to put the record straight but you haven’t taken up that opportunity Mr Delaney.”

Mr Delaney said: “I note your comments Deputy Munster… I’ve read my statement as you know.”

Earlier Fianna Fáil TD Robert Troy accused the FAI representatives of being “evasive, vague, non-committal, ambiguous” in their replies to the committee’s questions.

He put it to Mr Conway that he chose the questions he wished to answer when he confirmed that Mr Delaney wasn’t given a severance package when he stepped down as chief executive and was appointed executive vice-president.

However, Mr Troy said Mr Conway refused to answer a question about any pension arrangements for Mr Delaney’s.

Mr Conway said he and his colleagues didn’t set out to “show any disrespect to anybody here”

He said: “What I can and I can’t answer as you well know will be guided by the advice we have been given… if it’s about contracts or employees or something that’s commercially sensitive or about an individual creditor if these are the things which I haven’t answered directly on and that’s called evasive I have no option in that deputy.”

Mr Troy asked if the board of the FAI will consider their positions and step down if it’s a condition on Sport Ireland funding to the organisation being restored after it was suspended yesterday.

Mr Conway said: “We will not jeopardise Sport Ireland funding so we will take any actions we have to take.”

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